Tuesday, 17 February 2015

February Book Reviews

Recently I’ve been thinking about reading books that I wouldn’t generally go for, you know to broaden my literary horizons or something like that. It is half term and although I have mounds of homework and revision to do for school (Year 10 really is the death of your social life) I always like to make time to immerse myself in a good book at least once a week. After a quick stop at my local library I decided to pick up quite a few books. Now I wasn’t ready to invest in the books I was about to try because I wasn’t really sure I would like them so the library was a perfect choice because if I didn’t like them I would be able to return them. After a little snoop round I picked up two books. “Flip Flip” by Martyn Bedford and “Adorkable” by Sarra Manning. I am a little ashamed to say that the first thing that drew me to these two books was their covers. You know the saying – ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ I did.. Sorry!

“Flip Flip” looked so exiting. It had a photograph of an upside down boy’s head on both covers , front and back with mirrored writing on one cover and normal writing on the other. This was the only way to decipher which was the front cover and which was the back. My geeky side really took a shine to this quirky layout for this book and I spent at least 10 minutes flipping the book back and front. A little tip - one way to remember which side is the front cover is that the boy on the front cover has his eyes closed whereas on the back cover the boy has his eyes open. The whole book is kinda topsy turvey if I am honest with you guys.
Do you know that question that people often ask, ‘what would you do if you woke up in another person’s body for a day’ well this is exactly what happens to the main character in this novel. But its not only for a day, it may even be forever if he doesn’t find out the cause and how to go back to his own body. I personally really enjoyed reading this book and as a person who only reads science fiction books if they have a sonic lipstick involved (LOL) I feel converted.

Another book I didn’t think I would like after my library endeavours is “Adorkable”, now this book it is safe to say has no sci fi elements to it. It is completely 100% super natural free. It is the regular boy meets girl books that most girls swoon over but from my previous experiances with these type of books I was wary. I thought it may be full of the sissy, predictable boring malarkey but it wasn't  and I was pleasantly surprised. The boy and the girl in this book hate each other. They hate each other like I hate maths, maybe even more! He is the hot, sporty, brainy popular boy and she is the freaky peachy hair coloured, granny knits wearing girl with a penchant for making teachers squirm but after something happens involving the two of them they start seeing eachother in a different light and may even have a positive influence on eachother. This book is worth 5 stars and a big fat recommendation.

Lot of Love Lule x


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