Sunday, 29 March 2015

March Book Favourites

This month has been a really busy month for me, I have had what feels to be about a million exams and my dreaded work experience placement finally came about. I have not had a single moment to sit down and read a good book for ages and it has really been frustrating me. Honestly I’m having some bookworm withdrawal symptoms.

My work experience took place at a primary school and I was a teaching assistant for the week. I picked this placement because I’d always enjoyed primary school and thought it would be good to go back and see what has changed. The children were all incredibly cute and they all seemed to enjoy reading. At secondary school the pupils treat reading more as a chore and not a hobby so I really liked how the children appreciated the books in their library. This spurred me on to donate some of my older books to the school, when I went home I looked in the attic were all my old children books were and I saw hundreds of unused books just lying there. I was shocked because I guess I had underestimated how many books I had actually read during my childhood and a vast amount of these books were actually still in good condition. So that is when I decided I would definitely have to give some away. Looking through the immense pile of books was oddly nostalgic, for every book I picked up I could remember how I felt reading the book and where I was when I read them. Flicking through some of my most precious books like 'Hetty Feather' by Jacqueline Wilson even evoked an emotional response. I gave away most of my children books but there were still a few Young Adult books up there that I wanted to keep so I brought them downstairs and put them on my desk in my bedroom. I left them there for a while until last week I decided I had enough time to go though and read them again.

There were two books I had read last year but put in the attic to get them out of the way so I could use the desk space to store my school book. These books were fairly new and I had only read them once but I could still remember the storylines quite vividly so it didn’t take me long to go through them. again. 

The first book was Rainbow Rowell’s 'Fangirl'. It is an amazing book which I spent most of my summer holiday last year raving about. It is a book is about a young girl, Cath, who is going off to university with her bubbly and adventurous twin. Her and her twin are complete polar opposites, while her twin like’s partying and being the centre of attention she likes to stay at home and write stories. Unlike her twin Cath finds it difficult to fit in and spends a lot of her time in her room writing her hit stories that get thousands of views each day. That is until she meets a boy who will hopefully open her heart to the new experiences and life and university have to offer. It is an awesome, fast paced novel and some people may be put off by its size (it is definitely worth it) but I would recommend it to even the most cautious of reader. It will absorb you into its storyline and if you haven’t read this book I would recommend it with a sparkling 5 stars.


The other book was 'Don’t even think about it' by Sarah Mlynowski. It is a gripping novel through the point of view of a whole class (yes you heard me a WHOLE class) which after taking a jab gain some super powers that cause them to hear the thoughts of people around them.It is so different from any other book I have ever read in my whole life and that is what makes it so great. Everybody has imagined what it would feel like to read their parents minds or their crushes and this book is about that exactly. It is a funny, laugh-out-loud kind of novel and some parts are even a little emotional. Personally I think this book I even better than 'Fangirl' but that is just my opinion.
Read them both and comment which one you think is best. Enjoy!

Lots of Love Lule x



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