Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Summer Holiday

The Summer

This summer has been a learning curve for me as after only one week into the holidays I decided to try some new things. My family and I were not going on a holiday this summer, our holiday was already booked for the October half term so after a long think I realised I wanted to do something beneficial with my time this year. Now don’t get me wrong I still wanted to lounge about on the sofa and watch re-runs of Pretty little liars and The vampire diaries because believe me that is always inevitable but I also wanted to be a little productive.


And that’s when the idea struck me, what is the best thing to do during the holidays that would help me and also help others, well volunteering of course. I knew that there were some places going in my local library to become a summer reading Challenge volunteer which consists of helping the young children that are partaking in the summer reading challenge with quizzes, activities and arts and crafts. As someone that used to do the summer reading challenge for nearly every year since I was 5 up to 10 then I know how important it is to make these children have the best time possible. This challenge encourages reading and writing in the young children as they have to finish six books and then write reviews for each. By the end of the summer and are also rewarded for all the work by stickers and activities. I know first-hand how important these kinds of programmes are to young children as I believe this is where my love of reading and writing first stems from.

Also as part of the volunteering that I took part in I have also become a much more confident person, I speak to the parents and workers in the library comfortably which at first I could not do because I always thought that I was in the way when the adults were organising the events. After getting past that however I really started to enjoy my time at the library and whilst I could have been staying a home and being busy doing nothing I knew I was doing the important job of insuring these young children see reading and writing as a hobby rather than a chore.
Lots of love Lule x


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